About Us

Established in OCTOBER 2012, ECOAN Engineering Pty Ltd is one of the leading developers and suppliers of railway components. With dedicated members of staff and a keen, highly skilled Management Team.

It is a 100% Black Owned female and has been very open and has allocated shares to previously disadvantaged individual males and potential external investors and also created an Employee Trust for the benefit of all the PDI employees.

ECOAN Engineering SA (Pty) Ltd utilizes highly advanced production techniques, thereby enabling the company to produce a wide range of railway products i.e.

  • Repair and Refurbish Sliding door –Outside sliding and pocket spares
  • Repair and Refurbish Door Gears –Outside Slider and Pocket and Spares
  • Plastic Door Handles and Door Rubber seals


  • ECOAN Engineering PTY LTD SA fully intends to continue with its commitment to expanding the parameters of the composite industry. The company shall continue to lead the industry along the path of quality and dedication to excellence


  • The vision of ECOAN Engineering PTY SA (Pty) Ltd is to expand its area of influence in the sliding door repair and refurbishing together with CNC(Milling vertical and Horizontal components and to serve all interested entities in the continued production of various types of components and structures including (Rolling Stock) and Rotating Machines. We aim to meet all viable and reasonable challenges with our highly motivated work force and capable management team.


  • Treat all our customers and suppliers as partners
  • Ensure sustainable growth and development of the company
  • Ensure that the employees are kept abreast of the technological advances in the industry
  • Continue to train and develop employees to ensure that they have the necessary skills to continue to grow the company
  • To maintain good relations with the employees


ECOAN Engineering has got the following values that drive the culture of the organization:

  • Integrity and Honesty
  • Accountability
  • Trust
  • Customer Focus
  • Safety
  • Sustainability
  • Professionalism


  • Product and industry knowledge
  • Good relationship with key players in the industry
  • Technological knowhow

Engineering News

Maintenance is the general day-to-day upkeep of the railway such as looking after tracks, signals and power supplies.

Engineering work is larger scale projects such as track replacement.

When we took over the running of the railway in October 2002, we faced a huge backlog of work. We have been working since to upgrade or replace much of the infrastructure and have significantly improved the safety and reliability of the railway.
Railways are made up of complex mechanical and electrical systems and there are hundreds of thousands of moving parts. If a railway service is to be reliable, the equipment must be kept in good working order and regular maintenance is the essential ingredient to achieve this. A railway will not survive for long as a viable operation if it is allowed to deteriorate because of lack of maintenance. Although maintenance is expensive, it will become more expensive to replace the failing equipment early in its life because maintenance has been neglected.
The growth of wind-energy installations in 2016 is unlikely to match the unexpectedly strong 22% expansion of 2015, when a record 63.4 GW was added internationally, Global Wind Energy Council (GWEC) secretary general Steve Sawyer said on Tuesday.
Power utility Eskom is making progress with the roll-out of smart electricity meters in Sandton and Midrand, with 5 932 meters installed in the first three months of this year. Eskom has made a strategic decision to convert all of its conventionally billed customers...
Erstwhile finance minister Nhlanhla Nene, an invited luminary at the Mangosuthu University of Technology’s graduation ceremony, joshed that he had moved to the private sector as part of “private capture”. Nene was honoured at the ceremony of the faculty of management...